a. The factory management considers its customers as the main target and will strive to improve their satisfaction and consider it an essential element of the continued growth of the company.

b. The factory management is responsible for providing products to its customers who meet the quality requirements with the understanding of their needs and expectations subject to the requirements of the contracts.

c. The factory management sees as the main purpose to meet the required delivery times in the contract .

d. The factory management will ensure to improve the grade, rating the supplier's periodic quality performance (RAMIM).

e. The factory management will provide back-up and support for products provided to customers (engineering consulting, spare parts, modifications and repairs) subject to contract commitment.

f. The factory management undertakes to maintain a quality management system according to the requirements of the quality system procedures file in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

g. The factory management will give full backing to the quality management system administrator for the implementation of the declared quality policy.

h. The factory management will allocate resources needed to implement the declared quality policy.

i. The factory management will work with reliable and qualified subcontractors and suppliers that meet customer and factory quality requirements

j. The factory management will adopt a continuous improvement approach to the quality management system and work processes.

k. The factory management is committed to environmental conservation and safety of employees at work as required by the legislative requirements of the State of Israel.

l. The factory management will allocate and train appropriate personnel, to be qualified in terms of education, training, and appropriate skills to perform the work in accordance with product quality requirements.

m. The managers and all employees are responsible for the quality of the work and produce of the company, while maintaining a fundamental value of working in a mutual respect team and customer satisfaction.

Israel Gadilov, Plant Manager
David Sananes, Quality Assurance Manager