Mobile After Action Review (MAAR) are Portable Expandable Military Shelters designed for rapid deployment and efficient handling by the operator. The MAAR Portable Expandable Military Shelter consists of two independent Components: The Trailer Unit and the Expandable Shelter. The System can perform reliably in very harsh desert conditions. It highly complies with Human Engineering Standards and is able to fully function day or night.

Ramim's Mobile Expandable Shelters MAAR have  been Developed, Engineered & Manufactured by Ramim Engineering Works Ltd.

Ramim's MAAR is a Portable Military Expandable Shelter and is highly suitable For Military Purposes:

- Meets applicable Military Standard for Environmental Conditions (MIL-STD-810C)
 -Mobile Digital Centre Control for Regiment/Corps.
- Mobile Telecommunication & Control Systems
 -Mobile Control Centre for rapid deployment in local crisis & disasters

The MAAR Expandable Shelter can also be used for commercial purposes:

- Mobile TV Vehicle
- Mobile Hospital
- Mobile School Class & Training

The MAAR Expandable Shelter can be tailored to specific customer requirements:

- Quiet energy supply
- Excellent sound proofing and whisper silent draft free air conditioner
- Reliable and adjustable equipment cooling
- Sufficient cable ducts
- Under floor lockers for equipment 

The Mobile AAR Expandable Shelter can include the following features:

- Control & Editing section: A/V & Communication.
- Theater section: Presentation for 42 participants.
- Power section: Generator, HVAC, 24VDC Batteries, Transformers, Power Supply 24VDC.
- Storage section: Stairs, Cable drums, 12 hours working shifts, 12 folding chairs, folding table, cabinet for personal  weapon. 
- External Shelter section: Antenna mast, Entry panels, Ladder to the roof, Guardrail, Storage boxes on the roof, Antennas on  the roof.