Ramim's S-250/G shelter, is a lightweight, high strength, insulated, all weather, general purpose, mobile shelter for housing various communications and other types of equipment. Ramim's S-250/G Shelters meets the requirement of specification ASTM E 1974 (MIL-S-55541-H).

Ramim's S-250/G shelter makes it possible to transport and operate a wide variety of communications and electronics equipment to the field as a mobile unit. This high-strength, insulated, all-weather, general purpose mobile unit is designed to meet the user’s specifications for complete systems integration.

The S-250/G shelter is made of foam and beam bonded sandwich construction consisting of a polyurethane foam core, aluminum skins and a framework of high strength aluminum alloy extrusions. The foam and beam panel construction provides high strength to weight ratios and facilitates ease of modification, repair and maintenance.

Model No Description Specification Exterior Dim [in] Interior Dim [in] Shelter weights [lbs] Payload [lbs] Outline drawing No
S-250/G Industry Std. ASTM E 1975MIL-S-55541-H H 70 W 79 L 87 H 64 W 75 L 78 w/EMI kit :762 lbs.min 802 lbs.max 2530 S-250-800
W/out EMI kit :750 lbs.min790 lbs.max