Nato / ACE

Standard, proven and ruggedized for your transportable shelter needs. Ramim’s NATO/ACE shelters provide optimum performance under the most demanding field conditions. Lightweight, high strength, insulated and all weather, this shelter satisfies general purpose applications for housing communications and other transportable electronic equipment. Rugged inside and outside, the NATO/ACE shelters are equipped to withstand adverse weather and terrain, in addition to a high level of interior traffic.

Ramim’s NATO/ACE shelters are constructed of foam and beam sandwich panels which consist of a polyurethane foam core, aluminum skins and a framework of high strength aluminum alloy extrusion. Structural strength is assured by orientation of the floor and roof beams in transverse direction. This “barrel hoop” construction provides the ability to withstand drop tests and high roof loads. Foam and beam panel construction provides high strength to weight ratios and facilitates ease of modification, repair and maintenance. Thick inner and outer floor skins lend added strength to withstand increased personnel or equipment traffic. Shelter ISO corners are reinforced to accept leveling jacks and to withstand side load imposed by high wind velocities.

Ramim’s NATO/ACE shelters have been designed and tested to Allied Command Europe's Standard Shelter Technical Specification 6516/SHCPR/88. As a result, these shelters are immediately available to all NATO countries. These shelters can be readily customized to accept your specific system by Ramim extensive, experienced Engineering Design Staff.

Ramim’s NATO/ACE Shelters provide protection for your equipment/system, while being exposed to the most demanding man-made or natural environment, including transportation by land, sea or air.

Model No Description Specification Exterior dim [in] Interior dim [in] Shelter weights [lbs] Payload[lbs] Outline drawing No
ACE I standard 6516/SHCPE/88 H 1825W 2050L 2900 H 1635W 1885L 2735 700 1300 60530
ACE II standard 6516/SHCPE/88 H 2075W 2200L 4250 H 1884W 2034L 4084 900 3600 60540
ACE III standard 6516/SHCPE/88 H 2075W 2200L 5000 H 1884W 2034L 4835 1200 4300 60550
NATO I standard 6516/SHCPE/88 H 2110W 2080L 3810 H 1907W 1933L 3573 590 2270 5082-0000
NATO II standard 6516/SHCPE/88 H 2110W 2080L 3810 H 1882W 1933L 3573 620 3915 5124-700
NATO III(1) standard 6516/SHCPE/88 H 1780W 2000L 2160 H 1577W 1853L 1923 360 995 60500
NATO III(2) standard 6516/SHCPE/88 H 1886W 1747L 2340 H 1683W 1600L 2103 370 995 60500-2